Powell River Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Internet Marketing Services

Powell River SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & Internet Marketing Services will be key to the success of your website and therefore will greatly affect your amount of business by increasing the number of visitors who visit your Website.

Powell River SEO is here to help you move in a direction towards the results you are looking for with your website.

Whether it be:

More Customers

Higher Search Engine Placement

More Traffic to your Website

Higher Page Rank Score

Increase of Customer Contacts

or something not mentioned

Powell River SEO uses on site coding techniques that work with Google, Yahoo and Bing the top three mostly used Search Engines when future customers are doing searches for your keywords. We also use off site methods to increase the number of other websites, directories, and search engines that link to your website which will increase your websites' popularity with the major search engines.

By having Powell River Internet Marketing implement the following various coding and Web Design techniques it will be ensured your website is Search Engine friendly and indexed by Google, Yahoo and Bing.

  1. Keyword Research to determine what words and related words Internet users are putting into Search Engines
  2. Prioritizing Keywords based on the Business or Community Organization and the Number of Monthly Searches both Locally and Globally taking into consideration the number of other Competing Websites that are Optimizing for those same Keywords
  3. Determine if Keywords can be placed in the Title of the Website and in the Domain Name or the Website Address
  4. Add Keywords strategically to the on page Headings and Textual Content so that they are recognized by major Search Engines
  5. Include Meta Description Tags with prioritized Keywords
  6. Perform regular Maintenance including updates and resubmission to major Search Engines so pages of the Website are crawled by Search Engines frequently
  7. Submit your Website to Directories and Search Engines to increase your Link Popularity which will Improve your Placement on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Powell River SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & Internet Marketing Services Disclosure:

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