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Below is a summary Powell River Web Design process example that may be altered based on your Web Design needs.

  1. Define the purpose of your website for Web Design, Photo Editing, SEO - Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design, Web Hosting, Logo Design, Internet Marketing, Web Development and Website Maintenance
  2. Select and prioritize keywords based on your Web Design's purpose, local and global keyword usage, competition, and the desired types of visitors you want to attract
  3. Choose a domain name from top priority keywords for the best Powell River SEO
  4. Gather textual (with keywords) and multi-media content including photographs
  5. Edit photos to enhance quality and optimize for the web including the usage of Alt Text
  6. Design and selection of company logo and banner for Powell River Web Design
  7. Create Graphic Design layout for the Home Page including the Web Design navigation
  8. Continue with the rest of the site's pages after your Web Design Layout is finalized while incorporating meta data tags that reflect top priority keywords for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Internet Marketing purposes
  9. Incorporate Web Design contact forms, security verification, and shopping cart features if desired
  10. Choose a web hosting provider and then publish site to the web
  11. Submit website to Google, Yahoo and Bing for pages to be indexed
  12. Perform SEO by submitting Website to other Websites, directories and search engines to improve placement on Google search results for your Web Design's keywords


Powell River Desktop Publishing

Multi Media Presentations - (Audio/Video)

Word Processing


Database Creation

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