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Vancouver Graphic Design and Logos on the Sunshine Coast of BC in Powell River

Posted on: July 5th, 2011 by PR Web Design

Powell River Graphic / Logo Design from the Sunshine Coast of BC

To be effective, a Vancouver Logo / Vancouver Graphic Design needs to convey the nature of the business or community organization within or outside the Powell River area on the Sunshine Coast of BC in Western Canada.

People in Vancouver, Sunshine Coast and throughout BC notice things that are eye-catching. This is why Vancouver and Sunshine Coast businesses spend a lot of time designing that perfect Graphic Design and Logo that should pop into people’s heads whenever a product or service is called to mind. Big Vancouver companies have recognizable Logos and Graphic Design Layouts that people associate with the products and services they offer, and this recall alone can help make or break a Vancouver or Sunshine Coast business  in BC.

Powell River Graphic Design – Sunshine Coast – BC – Canada

Posted on: June 13th, 2011 by PR Web Design

When using text over a graphic design or a coloured background contrast is very important in regards to accessibility and usability. For example where the graphic design or background colour is white or light in colour the text needs to be black or dark in colour to be readable and the other way around where the graphic design or background colour is black or dark the text colour needs to be white or light in colour. This type of contrast makes the text readable and therefore improves the user experience of those visiting your website or blog.

Powell River Graphic Design on the Sunshine Coast of BCCanada